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The Et’hem Bey Mosque is an 18th-century mosque located in the center of the Albanian capital Tirana. Closed under communist rule, the mosque reopened as a house of worship in 1991, without permission from the authorities.

The National Gallery of Arts is a state institution under the dependency of the Ministry of Culture. This highly important art institution functions based on the Law of Museums and the Law of Art and Culture of the Republic of Albania.

Natural Sciences Museum of Albania is a natural science museum in Tirana, Albania. The museum is affiliated with the University of Tirana and has branches in zoology botany and geology.

The National Historical Museum in Tirana, Albania, is the country’s largest museum. It was opened on 28 October 1981 and is 27,000 square metres in size, while 18,000 square metres are available for expositions.

GALERIAKALO promotes visual art through exhibitions of artworks.

The Skanderbeg Monument is a monument in Skanderbeg Square, Tirana,Albania. It commemorates Skanderbeg, a 15th-century nobleman who is a national hero in Albania for resisting the Ottomans. Created by Odhise Paskali, the 11 metres (36 ft) monument was inaugurated in 1968 on the 500th anniversary of the death of Skanderbeg.